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“How one can

Set a Shipping Container Dwelling

Without misfortune, Cheaply and in Precise Days”

Observe my Straightforward Step-By-Step Plans to Learn How…

Dear Buddy,

As soon as you happen to’re researching tips on how to invent a transport container residence then this could well be one of doubtlessly the most involving messages you ever learn.

Because within the subsequent 3 minutes I’m going to dispute you tips on how to invent your dream residence for a share of the imprint of purchasing for a historic house.

And tips on how to keep a ways flung from your complete errors of builders that bask in approach earlier than you.


Hi there, my title is Adam Ketcher.

I’ve for my share constructed 146 transport container homes for my purchasers.

And I’ve experienced precise about every building mission you might maybe per chance factor in.

After years of mastering this uncommon alternate, I’d prefer to for my share educate you the full lot – and I mean the full lot – you must clutch to invent your transport container residence TODAY.

So you might maybe per chance set boatloads of money and time.

And so you might maybe per chance give yourself and your family a safe & stunning residence they’ll be proud to name their very possess!

My yarn is also such as yours…

I used to be in miserable health and tired of paying my landlord’s mortgage.

And I wasn’t about to pay a contractor thousands of bucks to invent me a house.

I heard about transport container homes from a chum.

And a week later I used to be ordering three 40-foot transport containers from a seller in a neighboring city.

“I’ve bought this,” I believed.

“I’m a talented assemble-it-yourselfer, so this could well be easy!”

Boy, used to be I incorrect!

I made mistake after mistake… blunder after blunder… and the the mission ended up costing bigger than if I hired a contractor to invent me a mansion!

Over time I’ve learned various classes.

“However the very finest lesson is to procure folks – a qualified folks – to handbook you to your assemble-it-yourself mission.”


As soon as you happen to’ll allow me, I’m here to be YOUR handbook to your critical streak.

I’m here to educate you the full lot you must invent your house with zero hiccups.

…so you might maybe per chance delivery up your invent nowadays and feel confident within the formulation.

…and so you might maybe per chance guarantee your family’s security and security for years but to approach.

I’ve save the full lot I know precise into a program known as:

Shipping Container Dwelling Made Easy™

The Last How-To Recordsdata to Building a Shipping Container Dwelling

Shipping Container Dwelling Made Easy™

This program is the consequence of my 18 years of building transport container homes.

If it must happen… I’ve considered it.

If it must head incorrect… it’s long previous incorrect on me!

However nowadays, I’m belief of one of many area’s leading authorities on transport container residence construction.

In point of truth, I’ve acted as a handbook for companies that could well even be belief of my competition!

So here’s my unbreakable promise to you:

As soon as you invest on this program nowadays, you’ll bask in the flexibility to invent your possess transport container residence…

You’ll invent it without headaches, errors, or disturbing delays…

And you’ll assemble it for a share of what it might maybe per chance well customarily imprint you whereas you happen to didn’t bask in me as your handbook…


Here Are Some of The Secrets You’ll Observe When You Make investments in “Shipping Container Dwelling Made Easy™” Instantly…

  • Where to search out a surplus of new transport containers the set house owners will take precise about something else to procure them off their fingers – customarily even giving them to you totally free or PAYING YOU to take them.
  • You shouldn’t pay bigger than this mighty to your containers. If anybody is attempting to gouge you for bigger than this quantity, then scrutinize someplace else!
  • The very finest mistake new house owners manufacture when building their residence. And tips on how to keep a ways flung from it to sidestep years of potential headaches and tens of thousands of bucks.
  • How one can obtain transport containers on your instantaneous house whereas dodging the costly transportation costs of a ways-off suppliers. And tips on how to barter to procure them for the lowest imprint you might maybe per chance factor in.
  • My confirmed machine to invent your house to withstand virtually any pure catastrophe – including earthquakes and hurricanes – making container homes one of many most obtain housing alternate options readily accessible.
  • My fiercely guarded secret to procure high quality containers for pennies on the greenback.
  • The error 95% of folks manufacture when purchasing their transport containers. And the easy design to circumvent it to set you from pointless costs.
  • My precise, grade by grade course of for building your house whereas avoiding nightmare errors and wasted money on outrageous selections.


“Hi there Adam, I precise bought performed with the finishing touches on my house (explore pic)! I went with the facet by facet 40 foot assemble and I leaned heavily to your advice and options. I would had been walking at midnight were it no longer for this program! I precise are desirous to ship you an exact dispute of thanks. As soon as you happen to’re ever within the tri dispute house give me a buzz. Amy and I would prefer to bask in you ever over for dinner! Thanks again!”

David Ristfold, 35, Camden, PA

Yellow Dots


“I’m thrilled I supplied this handbook. It used to be as appropriate as having a skilled at my facet helping me settle on every tiny segment of my residence. I strongly counsel this handbook to anybody who is brooding about building a container residence”

Brian Kay, 29, Loughborough, UK

When You’re Done With This Program You’ll Know More Than Most Expert Dwelling Builders!

  • You’ll also learn to wait on out a invent that is no longer going to only preserve you within the green, nonetheless oftentimes plod away extra money on your pocket than you initially planned for!
  • How one can procure a must bask in components to your house ABSOLUTELY FREE. And how doing so will shave up to 30% off the overall bill of your invent.
  • The one space NOT to reduce corners to your mission. And how investing in this will prevent 5 steps earlier than most assemble-it-yourselfers who strive to set money within the incorrect locations.
  • Why the blueprint of your invent influences the payment doubtlessly the most. And tips on how to elude extraneous costs by building in zoning pockets the authorities don’t need you to clutch about.
  • The 5 a must bask in things you wish to bear in mind when selecting to invent your house yourself … hiring a contractor to assemble it for you… or a combination of the two.
  • How one can invent a warmth reflecting roof that traditional homes simply can’t compete with. And how this could also set you a stack of money in cooling costs inner the first few years of employ!
  • The 4 belongings you wish to scrutinize for in a contractor whereas you happen to design to hiring one to invent your container residence. And why here’s so severe, it on my own is price bigger than 10x occasions the imprint of this program.
  • The most economical load bearing position up to your container residence. And why building your house this model will reduce the imprint of your mission by 30%.


“I accessed this system so repeatedly all over my invent so I saved it on my desktop. I especially treasure the chapter about floorplans. My wife and I poured over those for months earlier than selecting our layout. We’ve our dream residence and we owe you a gargantuan thanks for helping us procure there. Highly suggested!”

Ed Rowe, 43, Belmont, NH

Yellow Dots


“I supplied this system to evaluation earlier than I supplied an already constructed container residence because I wished to clutch your complete things to scrutinize out for and its an irony to bid that it overdelivered. It’s certain Mr. Adams save his coronary heart and soul into this and I indicate it to anybody who desires to invent a container residence or is having a scrutinize to buy one already constructed.”

Anthony Lacy, 38, Denver, CO

I Left Nothing to Chance! This Program Will Give You Every little thing You Must Set a Seamless Shipping Container Dwelling


  • The 7 belongings you wish to scrutinize for when selecting a container. As smartly as 3 insider pointers of the mavens to give a proof for if a transport container is price your genuinely-earned money.
  • Whether or no longer you must buy new or ragged containers. And the one most valuable ingredient you wish to assemble when pulling the position off to your buy.
  • The variety of steel to scrutinize for on your containers. Making your house no longer only durable, nonetheless also eco-pleasant.
  • The blueprint to your house the set you wish to spray an scuttle of ‘closed cell’ polyurethane foam. And why doing so will both exponentially amplify the longevity of your new residence by no lower than 10 years AND set you hundreds of bucks to your heating and cooling bill.
  • How one can guarantee the structural integrity of your containers must you set in doorways and residence windows. And how this addition will manufacture your containers stronger than their authentic assemble.
  • The most uncomplicated extra or less roof that is no longer only low upkeep, nonetheless that will wear beautifully through the years and final longer than every other extra or less roof within the alternate.
  • Why you must buy the same imprint of containers. And how doing so will pay positive aspects within the lengthy urge to your mission.
  • The “late accumulation bask in an payment on.” And tips on how to cease it from creeping in and decimating your invent over time.
  • How one can manufacture your house thermally ambiance pleasant with notify assemble passive photo voltaic heating. And why this model will when it comes to procure rid of all heating costs whereas conserving your house at a fixed temperature (even within the winter).


“After facing the nightmare of purchasing for our final residence only to sell it at a loss of $30k I wished something cheap and BIG ample for my 5 member Family. We stay in a double decker SC residence now and everybody repeatedly asks us how we did it. Here is by a ways doubtlessly the most productive e-book to dispute you the formulation you might maybe per chance procure your custom SC residence too.”

Jason Dormer, 47, Cle Elum, WA

Yellow Dots


“As soon as you happen to’re brooding about building your possess transport container residence you then would must always be nuts no longer to procure this e-book. Adam is on the tip of his alternate, and he components with all his wisdom on this e-book. That you just might maybe per chance keep a ways flung from a million errors with this e-book at your facet. Imagine me, the dinky funding will repay gargantuan time! It did for me.”

Ken Funakoshi, 43, Aina Haina, HI

Let Me Instruct You All My Secrets to Earn Land & Permits While Sidestepping The Nightmare of Purple Tape… Bureaucracy… and Complications Brought on By Local Authorities

  • The one severe quiz you wish to search files from the planning authorities when having a scrutinize at land to your invent. And how their answer will back you build whether or no longer a living of land is appropriate for you.
  • How one can save collectively a stable case to your container residence. And why a tiny leg work earlier than the application course of will guarantee you a YES must you search files from to invent your house to your dream blueprint.
  • My secret design to search out land at discount basement costs. As soon as you hear this one you’ll be heading out the door earlier than you even assemble slapping your forehead.
  • The finest design to put up your permits to local authorities so your house is accepted within the shortest time you might maybe per chance factor in.
  • The one ingredient you wish to assemble BEFORE your containers near to your land. And why getting ready this earlier than pretty than after is no longer going to only set you a mint of money, nonetheless set your help from pointless labor.
  • The crafty design to employ landscaping to your house’s unfair advantage. Saving you thousands on insulation costs and labor.
  • Why you might maybe per chance also composed assemble your container residence earlier than you shop for land. And tips on how to keep a ways flung from land codes that are antagonistic in opposition to new residence house owners treasure you.
  • My devious design to “manufacture appropriate” with zoning authorities to circumvent months of headaches and frustrating delays. Belief me, you’re going to are desirous to clutch this one!
  • Why your container residence isn’t certain to a certain blueprint or zip code. So could also composed you ever must, you might maybe per chance “transfer your house” to any new blueprint you explore match.


“Two months after purchasing this course we were ready to transfer into our possess transport container house and it used to be the full lot we hoped for. It used to be mighty cheaper than we anticipated, and individually it’s better in so many ways, too. I strongly counsel Adam’s course whereas you happen to’re having a scrutinize to make the leap yourself.”

Mike Teunissen, 42, Globe, AZ

I’m also Going to Instruct You How one can Believe Your Container Dwelling. Here is The Funnest Piece of the Set! And I’m Going to Pull Relief The Curtain to Give You TONS of Gargantuan Suggestions For Your Project!

  • You’ll procure a myriad of potential floor plans to your new container residence. Included are doubtlessly the most widely ragged designs, nonetheless I’ve also integrated my most smartly-appreciated “personal plans” I guarantee no other program will supply you.
  • How one can invent your container residence to head away room for development – including extra containers when wished – and only restricted by your creativity and imagination.
  • The variety of paint once ragged by NASA you might maybe per chance also composed employ for the skin of your house. And why this particular paint is PERFECT for container housing.
  • How one can take care of your house assemble to supply you hundreds of parking and not using a have to invent a garage and and not using a have to invent a separate carport.
  • The particular form of containers that allow for additional head room. And tips on how to search out them at advance linked pricing as the stuffy, 8 foot immense variations.
  • How one can obtain the precise age of a container – irrespective of what the vendor tells you.
  • How one can invent a transport container office. And how designing for office desires is assorted than designing for residing areas.
  • Why a container that composed has its authentic wood floor is a BAD SIGN. And which floor you wish in its set to ensure a delicate interior invent.
  • The 4 forms of foundations you might maybe per chance employ to your house. And tips on how to settle on the very finest one to your particular land & layout necessities.


“I invent and sell container homes for a residing. I’ve hired Adam on extra than one occasions as a expert. His depth of files is barely unmatched within the alternate and his program will dispute you your complete steps you must take to invent a container residence yourself. However better than that, he’ll dispute you your complete things to keep a ways flung from (and have confidence me, there are many things to keep a ways flung from!)”

Gary Case, 54, Huntington Seaside, Ca

So I bask in to search files from…

How mighty would or no longer or no longer it is price to keep a ways flung from the mountain of obstacles anticipating you must you invent your transport container residence?



Truly, folks precise treasure you are shedding tens of thousands of bucks in stylish errors when building their container homes without steerage.

Pointless to bid, this could also change precise into a VERY costly mission.

So the smartest ingredient you might maybe per chance assemble is procure an expert to your facet appropriate from the delivery up.

Since I’m that expert – and since I treasure helping assemble-it-yourselfers treasure you – I’m going to manufacture you a restricted time special promotional supply.

Having a expert handbook you by design of this course of would require an funding of no lower than $5,000 (and that could well composed only procure you a share of what’s integrated on this program).

Well don’t scare, because I’m no longer going to search files from you to employ something else treasure that extra or less money!

So for a restricted time only, I’m making Shipping Container Dwelling Made Easy™ readily accessible for only…

NOTE: Shipping Container Dwelling Made Easy™ is a digital product. That you just might maybe per chance receive procure admission to to

your complete machine without prolong after you account for – even though or no longer it is 2am!

A dinky quantity.

Particularly must you bear in mind you’re getting ME to your crew (that’s over 18 years of alternate secrets)!

And smartly price it’ll you bear in mind your complete costly errors you’re about to keep a ways flung from!

EVERYTHING you must invent your possess transport container house is appropriate here on this program.

However you might maybe per chance must act NOW.

The next time you formulation to this page it’s you might maybe per chance factor in this could well be extra costly.

Potentially up to 3X as costly.

So as to obtain your replica appropriate now…

And You’ll Additionally Earn a 60 Day 100% Satisfaction Shriek!


Precise to manufacture this the finest decision you ever made, I’m going to encompass a 60 day, no questions asked, money help guarantee.

That means whereas you happen to don’t fully cherish this program…

And whereas you happen to don’t ship me an furious electronic mail with pictures of your stunning new residence…

Then I don’t need your money.

I’ll refund your stout buy imprint.

So here’s the trim design to assemble it…

Don’t settle on now.

Earn this system… battle by design of it at your possess sail… and settle on later if it used to be price your funding.

As soon as you’re taking that implies that makes this a complete no-brainer, wouldn’t you compromise?

“To Additional Sweeten The Pot, I’m Additionally Throwing in Some Superior


BONUS #1: Shipping Container Homesteading – $67 (YOURS FREE!)
Shipping Container Homesteading

First, you’ll procure one of my most wanted program “Shipping Container Homesteading.”

As a assemble-it-yourselfer you obviously payment self-reliance.

And one of doubtlessly the most productive ways to rely on yourself is to develop your possess meals … elevate your possess animals for meat … and withhold your harvest for future security.

No longer only does it guarantee you natural, healthy meals, nonetheless since grocery stores are repeatedly the first ingredient to head in a catastrophe, you’ll guarantee your survival for all likely tragedies.

Every little thing you must thrive is at your fingertips in “Shipping Container Homesteading,” my most productive-promoting homesteading handbook that I customarily sell to my purchasers for $67.

However I’m going to encompass it with your account for

Fully FREE

BONUS #2: Shipping Container Negotiation Secrets: $47 (YOURS FREE!)
How one can Negotiate for Your Shipping Containers

Nothing is better than getting a ridiculously appropriate deal to your transport containers.

It’s one of those things that swells your chest with pleasure, and you might maybe per chance’t back nonetheless bring it up when folks check with your house.

In this at hand handbook, you’ll ogle:

  • Which size containers are most productive to your invent necessities
  • What certifications to scrutinize for on your containers
  • The finest design to search out sellers on your house
  • Cunning ways to procure the payment down to your buy
  • How one can negotiate shipping
  • How one can put collectively your lot for tumble off
  • Where to search out free containers and/or folks that will pay you to take containers off their fingers
  • And mighty extra and deal of extra…

This program retails for $47, nonetheless it’s YOURS FREE with your buy nowadays.

BONUS #3: Dwelling Off-The-Grid: $47 (YOURS FREE!)
Dwelling Off-The-Grid

In this gem of a program you’ll learn the step-by-step systems for making your possess electrical energy.

You’ll learn doubtlessly the most productive alternate options when it comes to photo voltaic, wind, and micro-hydro technology.

There might maybe be various files on the catch, nonetheless here’s the one program that reveals you tips on how to manufacture your possess electrical energy within the scope of container residence residing – focusing on imprint effectiveness and the advantages of a transport container-primarily based completely mostly electric machine.

This program is supplied for $47, nonetheless it’s YOURS FREE nowadays!

BONUS #4: Making ready for the Coming Give design: $47 (YOURS FREE!)
Making ready for the Coming Give design

Let’s face it, segment of the motive we cherish transport container homes is because they’re finest for grid-down scenarios.

And folks precise treasure you bask in approach up with hundreds of shining tips on how to put collectively their containers homes for the upcoming collapse.

Admire they are saying…

It’s better to bask in and never need, than need and never bask in.

With this e-book at your facet, you’ll save yourself in doubtlessly the most productive space you might maybe per chance factor in to make certain the survival of you and your family.

Retail imprint is $47. YOURS FREE nowadays.

BONUS #5: Lifetime Updates Shriek: $47/Replace (YOURS FREE!)
Lifetime Updates Shriek

I’m repeatedly having a scrutinize to purple meat up The Shipping Container Dwelling Made Easy™ program, because I are desirous to be drag you procure doubtlessly the most productive you might maybe per chance factor in results both now, and within the waste too.

So after I update the machine and add new tactics that I’ve learned, you might maybe per chance be the first to clutch! In point of truth, I will ship you the brand new, updated edition straight to your inbox, fully free!

BONUS #6: Buyer Purple meat up By Writer: $120/Hour (YOURS FREE!)
Buyer Purple meat up By Adam

Sooner or later, you’re going to procure what is almost definitely doubtlessly the most treasured bonus for this program – UNLIMITED SUPPORT by me, Adam Ketchner!

That means you might maybe per chance search files from me questions … decide my brain … and contact on me all over your invent.

You’ll bask in ME on your help pocket. And that extra or less make stronger is truly unheard of on this house!

“So Let’s Evaluation What You Earn by Ordering Now…”

  • My Program “Shipping Container Dwelling Made Easy™” will supply you my step-by-step tips on how to invent your transport container residence within the quickest, most cheap design you might maybe per chance factor in.

    Retail imprint $67


  • “Shipping Container Homesteading” will dispute you tips on how to turn your container residence mission precise into a abode the set you might maybe per chance efficiently stay off the paunchy of the land.

    Retail imprint $67


  • My program “Shipping Container Negotiation Secrets” which will unveil your complete secrets to no longer only procure your transport containers for a share of retail, nonetheless also the set to search out free containers and folks that will pay you to take them off their fingers.

    Retail imprint $47


  • “Dwelling Off-The-Grid” will dispute you the step-by-step systems for making your possess electrical energy with photo voltaic, wind and micro-hydro technology.

    Retail imprint $47


  • “Making ready for the Coming Give design” will outline how other assemble-it-yourselfers bask in leveraged their container residence mission precise into a malicious program out blueprint for doubtlessly the most daunting worst case eventualities you might maybe per chance factor in.

    Retail imprint $47


  • “Guaranteed Lifetime Updates”

    Retail imprint $47 (per Replace)


  • “Unlimited Purple meat up” by the author, Adam Ketchner.

    Retail imprint $120 (per Hour)


NOTE: Shipping Container Dwelling Made Easy™ is a digital product. That you just might maybe per chance receive procure admission to to

your complete machine without prolong after you account for – even though or no longer it is 2am!

Hi there, Are You Aloof Here?

Maybe that’s because you’re composed on the fence about “Shipping Container Dwelling Made Easy™”

If that’s the case, let’s evaluation your alternate options, shall we?

undecidedOPTION #1:
Lift on with your most modern residing mission.

Learn on the perimeters of this step forward residence building evolution and repeatedly shock if this program used to be the particular ingredient you wished to procure your possess custom residence at an improbable imprint.

OPTION #2: Try to assemble it yourself.

Mimic the years of research … blood … sweat … and tears I save into this program … slay thousands of bucks in costly errors … and likely you obtain yourself with your possess transport container residence.


: Otherwise you might maybe per chance take the Natty, Best seemingly and FASTEST OPTION!

The ONLY option.

And procure doubtlessly the most notify path to your transport container residence.

BE EXCITED that you in deciding to invest on your future.

And be proud that you’re taking a huge step closer to the residence of your dreams!

You’ve learn this a ways into this letter for a motive.

There’s a feeling inner you that KNOWS your house is precise on the replacement facet of claiming YES nowadays.

And bear in mind…

That you just might maybe per chance bask in fully nothing to lose!

As soon as you happen to don’t LOVE this program, precise ship me a 5 2nd electronic mail and I’ll refund every penny of your money.

That means you might maybe per chance ogle ALL my secrets with fully ZERO threat.

So both you procure… or you procure.

Somewhat appropriate odds, appropriate?

THAT’S how mighty I KNOW “Shipping Container Dwelling Made Easy™” is going to manufacture your eyes pop with its abundance of treasured secrets.

The sooner you delivery up the sooner you’ll procure your dream residence.

So don’t wait one 2nd longer.

Precise click the “Add To Cart” button below and collectively let’s officially kick off your container residence mission!

NOTE: Shipping Container Dwelling Made Easy™ is a digital product. That you just might maybe per chance receive procure admission to to

your complete machine without prolong after you account for – even though or no longer it is 2am!

P.S. Bear in mind, here’s the one program within the marketplace written by the area’s #1 authority on transport container homes. It contains ALL MY SECRETS from my 18 years within the alternate and 146 successful projects. This can supply you the full lot you must invent your transport container residence within the quickest … absolute top … most imprint efficient design you might maybe per chance factor in!

P.P.S. Please endure in mind that the imprint of Shipping Container Dwelling Made Easy™ is extremely low, and has been deliberately saved low. Nonetheless, I can not guarantee that the payment will remain this low on a everlasting basis. So whereas you happen to approach the following day and the payment has modified to $67 or extra, you had been warned!

P.P.P.S. Being sceptical is pure, nonetheless I’ve made certain that there’s fully no threat to you! As soon as you account for Shipping Container Dwelling Made Easy™ you are fully obtain by a rock-solid 60-day money-help guarantee.

You threat fully NOTHING!

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