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Airport Shuttle Tipping Etiquette

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This article originally appeared on Holiday Tipping Etiquette — Here’s What You Need to … check your bags inside. Tipping at the Airport: Electric Cart Drivers “For electric cart …

Jun 19, 2017  · You should not tip tour guides at national parks or other government sites. Q: Should you always tip the driver of the airport car rental shuttle? How much? A: Yes. Especially if the driver helps …

Las Vegas Tipping Guide: Tipping Taxi Drivers Restaurant Host or Hostess: Do you tip the host or hostess? April Masini, etiquette and relationship … cash directly to the driver.” Hotel Shuttle Drivers: Tip “a few dollars for pick-up or drop-off …

tipping guidelines: hotels, Airports, Parking and Auto-related – Airport tipping, along with tipping the valet, taxi driver and hotel can be confusing. Read more on airport tipping and tipping …

And is it ever acceptable to withhold a tip for poor service? For help, we turned our tipping questions over to an etiquette expert … Q: Should you always tip the driver of the airport car rental …


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When it comes to tipping, the rules and etiquette lines can be grayed or be lacking for different service industries. There are the obvious, wait staff, manicurists and taxi drivers, but what about other private transportation drivers, like limo or shuttle drivers?

Basic Tipping. If you require the help of an airport staff member to push you in your wheelchair from your car to your flight’s check-in desk, tipping is appropriate. Etiquette expert Cynthia Lett, as quoted in an American Association of Retired Persons article, recommends tipping $10 for the assistance.

Tip your shuttle driver $1 to $2, or more if you have heavy luggage, after he drives you to or from the airport.Shuttles, which commonly run between airports and nearby hotels, provide you with a simple way of traveling when you don’t have access to your vehicle.

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