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Jun 15, 2011  · Design Lies: You Can’t Put A Bed in Front of a Window. Even if there is a blank wall in the room big enough for the bed, I so prefer this! A cleaner, simpler look that works due to the symmetry of the lamps and paintings hung on each side. Take note. One single continuous sheer (again hung high- a rule NOT to be broken) works as well too.

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Feng shui warns us against putting a bed in front of a window, but sometimes it’s truly the only feasible setup. Rather than rearranging the furniture one last time, accept your bed’s fate and employ …

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In a small or awkward-layout bedroom, sometimes the only place to put your bed is in front of a window. This arrangement can help block an unpleasant view or reduce sunlight. Positioning and styling …

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The biggest concern most people have about placing a bed in front of the window is whether it’ll be awkward. Here’s a surefire way to make sure there’s no awkwardness — create serious drama. A dramatic focal point, like a canopy bed, equals intention.

Aug 05, 2017  · Remedies for Bed Underneath Window. If you have no choice and must place your bed underneath a window or in front of it, there are several things you can do to reduce the effects of the chi energy moving in and out of the window.

A: Even the best bedrooms have something that impacts the furniture arrangement. If you were blocking the only window in your room, that might be a safety concern in case of an emergency. But from a …

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