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Jobs For Non Violent Felons


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Local Sales Tax Rate Houston Table 1. State and Local Sales Tax Rates in Cities with Populations

that state changed its expungement laws to allow offenders with a single non-violent felony conviction to have it expunged, or erased. "The legislature has done an amazing job changing the expungement …

A criminal conviction can completely change a person’s life. It has negative consequences that last for years. Perhaps the most significant challenge comes in finding a job after a violent conviction. Felons wonder if anyone will hire them. This blog post will address the issue of what jobs are available for violent offenders. Violent vs […]

Designing web pages just might be one of the perfect jobs that hire felons and it offers multiple options. You can open up your own business and never have to worry about explaining your past to others or you can get hired. Since most web development firms allow the employees to work from home they are less inclined to even ask about your record.

When offenders can’t get their rights restored, they often can’t get good jobs and that "employment penalty" sends more of them into a life of crime, he said. "Many of these folks feel marginalized," …

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One of the unique offerings that we have here at Jobs For Felons Hub is our own job board. The beauty of this job board is that companies come to our website to post here directly and they’re already aware that you have a felony and don’t mind so long as you’re a good employee.

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As it is, felons face huge obstacles once they are released back into society. According to WBHM radio station of Birmingham, Alabama, prisoners often struggle to find a job after their release, and …

Life is harder for ex-convicts once they leave prison – They struggle to get jobs because not everyone will hire someone … and that is the same case for non-violent felons. We need more people to …

A recent study finds that managers and HR professionals are increasingly open to hiring people with a criminal record. The study echoes a 2016 White House initiative called the Fair Chance Business Pledge aimed to provide jobs for felons by giving them a fairer shake in the job market when they reenter society. Here’s a list of major companies that took the pledge and are hiring now on Monster.

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