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From: Colin Patterson

Boston, Massachusetts

Dear Fellow Rattie Lover,

What first got me so attracted to pet rats virtually 3 a long time within the past turned into their improbable antics. How could additionally so well-known character be balled up in this form of little animal?

How could additionally they — in contrast to plenty of alternative little animals — be so with out a doubt caring? And have this form of sturdy gleam of intelligence in their eyes? And manufacture me chuckle for hours staring at them play?

As soon as I first went to my buddy’s apartment in some unspecified time in the future in 1978 to meet his pet rat, I wasn’t so definite, since I had preconceived notions about rats.

But then when his rattie grabbed my pant leg alongside with his tiny paws, my heart melted. Then my buddy told me that his involving tiny rat wanted me to decide her up…

I lifted her up high, and the fuzzy tiny rat nuzzled her nose into my ear and…

I Turn out to be Hooked For Lifestyles

Since you are at this online page because you are a rat owner or taking into consideration getting rats, I am definite the memoir is comparable for you.

Neatly, let me divulge you… ever since my first acquaintance to rats, I’ve owned over 1,000 of these improbable animals. They’ve been big companions to me.

I realized the entirety I could additionally about them, went into breeding, and when in contrast notes with other revered rat breeders by the years.

For the past couple a long time, I have been proud to fabricate my fragment to support spread the recognition of pet rats. You will have heard me on the radio. (I have been a guest on many local interview shows on AM stations.)

I’ve even taken my skilled rats onto local news shows in major markets equivalent to Boston to show masks what my ratties can fabricate.

And, as a breeder, I helped plenty of new homeowners of rats who’d good brought their ratties home. Due to the I have been fervent with rat experts and new homeowners, I have been a tiny saddened to be conscious that…

There Are A Lot Of Misconceptions

About How To Neatly Care For A Rat

You gaze, whereas rats manufacture outstanding pets and produce so well-known happiness to the folk spherical them, they need the involving form of home. They need the involving form of care.

  • It’s miles a need to to fabricate sure things to make certain that they’re as wholesome as could also be.

  • It’s miles a need to to fabricate sure things to make certain that they’ve got the supreme residing atmosphere, that each and every challenges their curiosity and retains them entertained.

  • That you want to without issues discontinue any conduct issues… if you happen to acknowledge what to fabricate.

You gaze, ratties also need the involving form of coaching. Prepare them as it could be, and also you presumably can additionally honest have so well-known fun (as will they!). That’s because, as you most likely know, rats are very sharp animals. That implies they’ve the functionality to no longer entirely be successfully behaved, nonetheless to fabricate some tricks that will dazzle your company and family.

And the difficulty is that there is now not any longer tons of of data accessible about pet rats. You wobble to the pet retailer, and also you presumably can additionally procure plenty of books on gerbils, hamsters, and even mice. But no longer rats.

So I made up my mind to write down the guide myself.

Due to the you respect what the entirely fragment about rats is?

There’s An Easy System To Rob Care Of

Your Rats And Enjoy A Happy Lifestyles Together.

That you want to have a big relationship alongside with your ratties. You good want to perceive how.

pet rats

Caring on your ratties is easy and low-designate. Pet Rats by Colin Patterson will show masks you the intention!

So I made up my mind to equipment up my secrets and tactics in a handbook that I call — what else? — Pet Rats: How to Without converse Prepare and Care For Your Ratties…To Enjoy a Happy Lifestyles Together.

Although or no longer it’s concise — good 110 pages — or no longer it’s a entire handbook. There’s no longer plenty of fluff or filler. Definite, you presumably can additionally honest procure other books that steal up scheme with photos. Mine doesn’t. As a replace or no longer it’s packed with precious recordsdata.

Plus I wrote it in undeniable, conversational English that is easy to direct. As a entire system, it will make known to you the entirety or no longer it’s a need to-need to learn about your pet rats.

Right here are good some examples of what you are about to be conscious…

  • How to fabricate your pet rats feel ecstatic — no longer good in their cage, nonetheless for your dangle home too! (Plus: how to fabricate them ecstatic cuddling with you, despite the fact that you happen to will have a rat who’s the “stand offish” sort!) (Web page 51)

  • All of the health data or no longer it’s a need to-need to maintain your rat wholesome and residing a actually very long time. It’s all in my handbook, formulated after practically 3 a long time of skills. There’s stuff in my handbook that vets fabricate no longer even know. (By the model, imagine the cash that you would be capable to place if you happen to could additionally decrease your vet visits down 90%…because that you would be capable to have the the total recordsdata you wish…involving at your fingertips!) (Chapter 6)

  • How to introduce your company to your pet rats so that they luxuriate in your ratties every bit moreover-known as you fabricate. As you have presumably observed usually, plenty of folk have prejudices about rats. There’s an even manner and a immoral manner to keep that. (Web page 52) Let’s teach, plenty of folk fabricate no longer luxuriate in the distinctive tails rats have. But direct these 20 phrases, and also you presumably can additionally manufacture even your most squeamish company ecstatic alongside with your rats. (Web page 52)

  • Pause these 8 particular things and even the shyest rat will initiate up having a dwell up on your time together. (Web page 50)

  • The #1 key that you MUST learn about your pet rats. Educate this secret, and your rat will turn out to be as cuddly with you as even presumably the most snuggly canines. (Web page 63)

  • A uncomplicated step you presumably can additionally steal on a fashioned basis that will discontinue severe issues in a while. (Web page 55)

  • Four crucial principles it’s most practical to be conscious to steer obvious of conserving your little tiny one from unintentionally KILLING your pet rat. Basically the most heart-wrenching skills you presumably can additionally ever has to toddle into the lounge to search out your tiny one screaming and crying because they performed too roughly alongside with your rat, killing it! It’s even worse if you happen to acknowledge that you would be capable to have without issues shunned it following these uncomplicated steps. (Web page fifty three)

  • The form of cage that is entirely on your rattie. (Web page 29)

  • Discover the 7 “magic tricks” to conserving your tiny ones wholesome staunch by their entire lives. (Web page 82)

  • Are you bored stiff in clipping your rat’s nails — which on the entire ends in ache on your rat if you happen to clip too well-known off (and hit a nerve)… no longer to order stress for every and every of you? I imprint a well-known more straightforward manner to maintain your rat’s nails trimmed. It requires NO work on your fragment, your rat loves it, and or no longer it’s very low-designate. (Web page 81)

  • How to coach your rat to face and stroll on his hind legs. Your mates could be dazzled! (Web page 69)

  • How to discontinue bumblefoot, a painful sore that rats on the entire ranking from their cages. (Web page 94)

  • The special ingredient (blended with water) that will discontinue your tiny mischievous company from chewing on furnishings or wires when they’re out of their cage. (This tip can place their lives!) (Web page 57)

  • Study to learn your rat’s non-verbal physique language. That you want to know exactly what your rat is attempting to divulge you, even supposing he cannot discuss! (Web page 19)

  • How to self-discipline your rats as it could be, so that they will fleet learn when they’ve performed something that you agree with is “no longer ok.” They’ll fleet learn what it means if you happen to claim “no.” (Web page 58)

Did You Know You Can Prepare A Rat To Use A Litter Box Each Time, With No Exceptions, In 7 Days Or Less?

It makes cage involving-up well-known more straightforward, providing you with more QUALITY time to spend alongside with your rat. Plus it offers your rats a more pleasant residing atmosphere, making them ecstatic. I imprint the step-by-step instructions on online page 50.

That’s good the starting. That you too can be conscious…

  • The stress-free manner to take care of your female rat’s pregnancy so that she offers birth and raises the healthiest infants imaginable. (Web page 98)

  • Printed: The quantity 1 reason your pet rat feels shy spherical you. (Web page 50)

  • A guidelines of things to take care of and opinion sooner than bringing home your pet rat. Although you happen to already have pet rats, this data will enhance their lives dramatically. (Chapters 2 and 3)

  • The bother it’s most practical to never wobble to ranking a pet rat. (Web page 15)

  • Collect launched to the moderately about a styles of rats, to ranking a belief of what breed could be involving for you. (Web page 21)

  • How to commute alongside with your pet rat. From my years of trial and blunder, that you would be capable to learn to fabricate your rat’s traveling skills as quiet as imaginable. (Web page 77)

  • One in all presumably the most heart-wrenching accidents is when a rat’s tail comes off. That you want to learn what you presumably can additionally fabricate to discontinue it from occurring, and what you presumably can additionally fabricate about the wreck to within the good deal of your rat’s ache and support him alive. (Web page 93)

  • Toys you presumably can additionally manufacture your self (the usage of fundamental family items) that are uncomplicated, low-designate, and that your rats will cherish. The cash you place from these secrets and tactics on my own are payment intention over the associated payment of this handbook. (Web page 38)

  • Which foods could additionally poison your rat. It’s crucial to enjoy in mind these, because without intellectual higher, that you would be capable to mistakenly agree with these are correct on your rat. (Web page 35)

  • If your pet rat escapes… scheme your mind comfy. There is a no-effort manner to ranking your rattie to come support support, and it works at any time when. (Web page 75)

  • Two crucial things to remember about meals and water that will discontinue hundreds of rat diseases. (Web page 25)

  • Do you respect that you presumably can additionally ranking your rat to come to you if you happen to call… good luxuriate in you presumably can additionally direct a canines to fabricate? There is a special trick to it. (Web page 67)

  • Rather-understood secret that will support your pet rat’s home free from odors and mud. (Web page 42)

  • How to ranking your rat to WANT to direct. It’s correct for him and doesn’t want to be a chore. (Web page 59)

  • The special ingredients, truly handy by scientists, that could enable you to introduce your rats to other animals. (Web page 49)

  • A to hand chart showing the foods to supply your rat in abundance, the foods to supply carefully, and the foods to steer obvious of altogether. You won’t want to fear anymore about whether you are feeding your rat nourishing foods, because that you would be capable to know exactly what to supply him. (Plus, despite the fact that your rat is finicky, you presumably can need tons to decide between!) (Web page 35)

  • Four guidelines you MUST apply to discontinue your rat from overheating (and presumably DYING) on an especially sizzling day. (Web page 83)

  • The respiratory illness that has effects on each and every rat and human (and it could perhaps also be fatal for rats!). Study what to fabricate in case your rat comes down with it in order to place her life. (Web page 88)

  • Discover what toys your rat loves. That is more crucial than you agree with, for the explanation that immoral toys could also be unhappy no longer entirely to your rat’s health, nonetheless to your furnishings! (Web page 38)

  • Are you or your loved ones allergic to rats? That you want to be conscious the reply on pages 24 and 25.

  • Search the entirely form of bedding to make direct of. Offers historical can manufacture a global of contrast when it comes the total model down to your rat’s consolation level. However the freshness, absorbency, and ease of cleansing will fluctuate from one topic topic to 1 other, so that you would be capable to be conscious the mavens and cons of each and every to be conscious a success aggregate for you and your tiny company. The quiet factor is that the entirely bedding topic topic is cheap! (Web page 32)

  • The secret to instructing your rats good about every trick, because it makes them need to obey you! If you respect this well-known secret, that you would be capable to be astounded by how uncomplicated it is. (Web page 63)

  • 15 easy tricks to fabricate your apartment entirely rat proof. (Web page 55)

  • The minimum size a rat’s cage need to ever be. Less than that, and your rat can turn out to be stressed and aggressive. (Web page 29)

  • A step-by-step handbook for discovering the involving vet on your ratties. (Web page 83)

  • Why or no longer it is so crucial to never steal your rat for a stroll within the outside. (Web page 60)

  • Total how-to instructions to fabricate a maze and five styles of obstacle courses on your pet rats. The instructions are easy to direct, direct fundamental, cheap materials, and can have you laughing for hours at your ratties’ fully chuffed antics as they bustle by your maze and obstacle course. (Web page 71)

  • How to fabricate your pet rat sit on your make clear. (Web page 68)

  • How to groom your pet rat the coolest manner. Now now not entirely will this manufacture her into an even wanting tiny rattie, nonetheless this can also be good, special time that you would be capable to have together if you happen to fabricate it luxuriate in this. (Web page seventy nine)

  • One in all the vital advantages of pet rats is that in contrast to with other rodents, or no longer it’s extremely uncommon for them to chunk you. But there are 8 eventualities the place they can turn out to be aggressive. See exactly how to take care of them so that your rats never chunk. (Web page 46)

And That’s Accurate A Dinky Sample

Of What That you want to Search With My Draw

Pause you respect what the thrilling fragment is? That you presumably can additionally additionally be discovering out these secrets and tactics to having a wholesome, ecstatic, successfully-skilled pet rat in good two minutes from now.

That’s because I’ve made my handbook digital… which implies you presumably can additionally have it instantly! There’s no want to lend a hand day after day for a guide to approach within the mail. And there is no want to lend a hand in line at a guide place.

As a replace that you would be capable to ranking immediate ranking admission to to this precious recordsdata so you presumably can additionally initiate up applying it involving away.

Can have to you don’t have any longer ever downloaded the relaxation off the Cyber web sooner than, fabricate no longer fear — I am going to give you easy directions. (Even my 85 yr-outmoded sweetheart’s father — who has a phobia of computers — turned into in a spot to get and learn the topic topic with out a hitch.)

Plus I am right here to enable you to. Can have to that you would be capable to have effort, good shoot me a like a flash email, and I am going to enable you to ranking your copy ASAP.

Click on right here to get your copy of my system and have a involving relationship alongside with your pet rats (immediate get)!

Accept as true with How Amazed Your Company Will Be

When They See Your Pet Rats Doing Easy Tricks

Can have to you are luxuriate in plenty of pet rat homeowners, involving now you have effort getting your company to even come gaze your ratties — mostly because of all these detrimental widespread photos of domestic damsels in hurt mountain climbing on kitchen chairs shrieking, “Ekk! A rat.”

If you ranking my handbook, that you would be capable to dazzle your company and family as they gaze your rats doing improbable tricks luxuriate in walking on their hind legs, kissing you on make clear, and perching on your shoulder!

Before, it could perhaps have taken you plenty months to have your rats skilled enough to fabricate these tricks. Now now not to order that you would mute be pressured about how to luxuriate in your rats and have a big relationship with them.

But my handbook makes it truly uncomplicated for you.

Please steal a study what about a of my readers have stated (pasted from their emails exactly as they wrote it)…

“Hello Colin,

Three months within the past I purchased a pet male rat I call Freddy.Before the entirety he turned into very aggressive. He turned into nipping me and he turned into a tiny crazy.I grew to truly luxuriate in him.The 2nd I purchased your guide. All the things modified for the higher.I historical your entire tools.All he does now is kiss me. I turned into pondering of getting him a mate.I am a Small nervous of getting a female in peril she is going to ranking pregnant.I am also a tiny jumpy to ranking a male pondering they will fight. Freddy is set five months outmoded. Perchance it could perhaps be entirely to good wobble away successfully enough on my own.I truly luxuriate in your blueprint.Your guide turned into an exact life saver for Freddy and I.I divulge all individuals who has a rat they need to aquire your guide.

Thank you Again=”

– Shannon Brancato

Oceanside, California

“I am so thankfull for this handbook. I good wish I would have had this 10 years within the past when I first had ratties as pets.”

– Tracy Marsden

“I purchased your guide virtually a yr within the past and it has been a wealth of swish recordsdata.”

– Elizabeth Short

“Colin, I truly liked your guide because it taught me what I want to know to coach my tiny infants. I’ve already taught them the total stand make clear. It turned into truly frigid when my buddy came to wobble to this day and observed my rats stand in unison.”

– Jennifer Douglas

New York, NY USA

“Your guide is successfully organised and simple to realize. I luxuriate in that it covers all, from the involving cage, to how to coach, to how to feed. I realized a big quantity from your guide and need you the entirely of luck, Colin.”

– Michael Martin

London, UK

How Great?

Neatly, let’s initiate up with this: how well-known would you pay to have a actually chuffed and swish life alongside with your pet rats?

How well-known would or no longer it’s payment to you to fabricate their lives as correct as they could also be?

How well-known would or no longer it’s payment in an effort to expand the lifespan of your pet rats by 6 months or more?


Can have to you are luxuriate in most pet rat lovers, the reply could additionally very successfully be, “Plenty.”

Would or no longer it’s payment $500 to know that virtually overnight you presumably can additionally have your rats eating the healthiest weight-reduction blueprint imaginable, to dwell as long as they can?

Clearly you respect that I am about to divulge you it doesn’t designate $500… that isn’t any longer what I am asking you.

I am asking you: if I could additionally support that you would be capable to have a ret rat that is ecstatic, wholesome, successfully-skilled, and loves you dearly… would that be payment $500?

You and I are rattie lovers; we each and every know the reply is, “OF COURSE!”

So when I divulge you that I am entirely going to payment you a modest investment of fine $29 for my handbook — and that you presumably can additionally additionally be reading it 2 minutes from involving now (despite the fact that or no longer it’s 2 AM!) — you are going to good wobble forward and order, involving?

Click on right here to get your copy of my system and have a involving relationship alongside with your pet rats (immediate get)!

I know if you happen to ranking my handbook, that you would be capable to be good as ecstatic because the clients above who wrote me. If no longer, I need you to hunt data from me on your a repayment.

That’s involving…

You Can Accurate Insist “Perchance”

And Strive My Pet Rat Care & Practicing Draw

Without Likelihood For 8 Weeks…

Truly, you presumably can additionally study out my system for free if you happen to need. That’s because I supply an unconditional 200% cash-support guarantee.

That implies you presumably can additionally take dangle of my handbook, Pet Rats: How to Without converse Prepare and Care For Your Ratties…To Enjoy a Happy Lifestyles Together, with an open mind, intellectual that you’re the usage of it risk-free.

Can have to you are no longer fully overjoyed with the model it improves the quality of life on your pet rats (and for you!), I am going to refund every penny to you — no questions requested. You fabricate no longer even want to supply a reason — your word is correct enough.

But wait a minute, that you would be capable to need to be wondering. 200%?

That’s involving…

A 200% Money-Abet Guarantee.

I know. That sounds crazy.

The fact is that this: because that you would be capable to be downloading this handbook onto your laptop, if you happen to hunt data from for a repayment, I fabricate no longer have any manner to “ranking my handbook support.” Truly, some folk will come to this perform with the paunchy intent of getting a repayment and ripping me off.

I fabricate no longer agree with that you would be capable to fabricate that, because as a lover of ratties, I agree with you are correct and correct on your word. But right here is my guarantee: take dangle of my handbook to pet rats, steal your time reading it, discovering its secrets and tactics, and applying the huge recordsdata that you would be capable to perform.

If at any time within the following 8 weeks — even on day 56 — you’re thinking that you wish your a repayment, I am going to supply it to you. Genuine away. On the station. Without a laborious emotions.

Plus, you presumably can need the handbook. That implies you have gotten each and every the insider recordsdata from my handbook and the cash — and that is 200%.

I entirely manufacture this crazy guarantee because I know that 99% of folk fervent within the sphere of pet rats are involving and correct…

…and if while you have tried my system — and also you feel entirely joyful after taking part in a new, stronger relationship alongside with your pet rats…

…and also that you would be capable to realize that even $500 would had been a rob of a designate…

You won’t seek data from for a repayment.

Plus That you want to Receive, At No Extra Worth…

Bonus #1:

A clear fragment on how to emotionally take care of the shortcoming of your rattie. By some distance the toughest mission any pet rat owner has is facing the death of their tiny child. That you can additionally discover about the mourning course of, what or no longer it’s a need to-need to learn about striking your rattie to sleep, and discover about the alternate solutions for what to fabricate alongside with your pet rat’s physique — burial, cremation, etc. (A $19 payment.)

Bonus #2:

A handbook to rat breeding. That you want to be conscious the stunning details — what or no longer it’s a need to-need to know sooner than going into breeding, what it entails, etc. It will manufacture a role that is complicated into no longer so well-known of a mission. I have been a pet rat breeder for a long time, and I am going to enable you to in on my insider secrets and tactics. (A $19 payment.)

The Free Bonuses Are A Combined $38 Worth…

What’s the receive? That this supply is for an extremely cramped time. Right here’s why.

The bonuses by themselves are precious enough to promote individually. And I am strongly exasperated by doing that at this time. There are entirely so many copies of these bonuses that I am going to supply out for free.

As soon as this special trial length is over, the supply of free bonus materials will simply vanish. I am definite you presumably can additionally realize.

Rep My Files — That you want to Be Pleased You Did

That you want to spend the relaxation of your day alongside with your pet rats luxuriate in the you presumably did the old day, wondering if there is more you presumably can additionally discover about them that will manufacture life higher for them.

Or you presumably can additionally ranking some peace of mind:

  • Incandescent that you have realized about the entirely foods to feed your rats to maintain them wholesome.

  • Playing the pleasure of coaching your ratties, environment up crazy obstacle courses, and giving them a fun life.

  • Having an improved relationship alongside with your rats because you respect to this point more about what makes them tick.

  • Can have to you are mute good occupied with getting pet rats, that you would be capable to know that it is likely for you to to steal big care of them.

After you enter your crucial capabilities into the get server, that you would be capable to be taken to a special get online page. Then if you happen to initiate up reading my handbook, the improvements for your life alongside with your rats could be nothing wanting electrifying… or that you would be capable to ranking your a repayment.

So why no longer take dangle of my handbook whereas or no longer it’s mute new on your mind? There’s no risk right here. That you can additionally honest have nothing to lose — and also that you would be capable to perform a higher life for you and your tiny ones.

Click on right here to get your copy of my system and have a involving relationship alongside with your pet rats (immediate get)!

Yours In truth,

Colin Patterson

Fellow Pet Rat Lover

P.S. Can have to you fabricate no longer steal me up on this special supply (a cash-support guarantee and free bonuses!) sooner than it vanishes — and if you happen to never ranking to strive the secrets and tactics contained in my handbook — what’s going to ever trade about the quality of life for you and your ratties?

Click on right here to get your copy of my system and have a involving relationship alongside with your pet rats (immediate get)!

© 2005- Spring Water Publishing

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