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Radioactive Isotopes Side Effects

After becoming radioactive, these isotopes are quickly back on the path to stability … And you don’t want to waste the …

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Jul 15, 2006  · Best Answer: Nobody injects radioactive isotopes for MRI. Radiotracers are used in nuclear scans and side effects are uncommon and not serious like nausea. MRI uses gadolinum and side effects are rare and again not serious.

ONGC officials said it has been using the radioactive material for more than 20 years with no side effects. The lost source is encapsulated and the substance cannot mix into atmosphere. A container …

The health effects of isotopes used in nuclear medicine. The second group is associated with radionuclide therapy used for cancer treatment. The side effects of it depend on the position of the radiation source. brachytherapy, when the radiation source is placed in the area under treatment, has minimum side effects.

Treatment with radioactive isotopes can cause some of the side effects common to chemotherapy, including nausea and vomiting. Diarrhoea is also a common side effect and must be dealt with by keeping the body hydrated. The loss of hair prevalent in chemotherapy also occurs in treatments with radioisotopes at high dosages.

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An introduction to radioactive iodine therapy Another important factor in determining the potential health consequences is the type of radioactive isotopes released from the plant … However, Thrall says, the pills can cause unpleasant side …

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