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The Process Of Incineration Is Used For

Apr 30, 2016  · The process of incineration is used for A) sterilization. B) degerming. C) disinfection. D) sanitization. E) both disinfection and sanitization.

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Dec 08, 2011  · In simple terms incineration is the process of that treats waste though combustion of organic materials. This is an extremely high temperature treatment and is quite often referred to as the thermal treatment. The waste products are turned into ash, particulates, flue gases and heat that can also be used to generate electric power.

Micro chp 9. 2) Which of the following statements is true of disinfectants? A) Disinfectants are effective in destroying endospores. B) Disinfectants are used on living tissue. C) Disinfectants are used for sterilization. D) Disinfectants are used on inanimate surfaces. E) Disinfectants are only effective for short periods of time (seconds to minutes).

Radioactive Isotopes Side Effects After becoming radioactive, these isotopes are quickly back on the path to
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Some technologies have been applied in Vietnam, for example the treatment of household waste by using incineration, with the …

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“The technology they use, multiple hearth incineration, is pretty much the most harmful … sprague declined to provide …

Combo with "Micro chp 9" and 1 other. A) It can be used to evaluate the efficacy of antimicrobial agents. B) It is constant over time of exposure to an antimicrobial agent. C) It is the permanent loss of a microbe’s reproductive ability. D) It is the permanent loss of a microbe’s ability to reproduce and can be used to evaluate antimicrobial agents.

incineration process This waste-to-energy process is often referred to as incineration. Incineration involves the burning of garbage, which is later used to produce electricity. During this process, waste is tumbled …

Aug 02, 2018  · After the incineration process is complete, the total mass of the remaining garbage can be reduced by up to 85 percent, while its volume may shrink by as much as 95 percent [5]. In small countries, or in municipalities where landfills are full and additional space is scarce, this type of mass and volume reduction can be a godsend.

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