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Who Made Charlie The Unicorn

It’s a mango slush underneath an astringent whipped cloud of sour evil. Whoever made this drink apparently thinks unicorns are dark and nihilistic, like in the "Charlie the Unicorn" videos. It’s wrong …

production. steele drew Charlie the Unicorn using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Flash, and animated it in After Effects and edited in Final Cut Pro. The audio was recorded using Amadeus Pro, and the music was recorded with Logic Pro. The video also contains a …

Charlie the Unicorn Although neither of these claims can be proved, it’s a fact that Charlie and Pearl the unicorn bicycles will likely invoke a … including a margarita machine made out of an Igloo cooler and a …

Charlie the Unicorn is a character in a humorous and popular youtube video. character analysis: charlie is a gray unicorn who enjoys taking naps. He is very rational yet openminded.

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If you guys haven’t checked out the extremely weird but hilarious "Charlie the Unicorn" film from 2005, then now’s the time, because Happy Island’s latest items release is completely in on the joke, …

May 25, 2015  · The video was a viral hit, accumulating 50 million views and gaining worldwide praise. A merchandising line was later produced featuring the video’s characters and famed quotations, as well as three sequels, “Charlie the Unicorn 2,” “Charlie the Unicorn 3,” and “Charlie the Unicorn 4”, released in 2008, 2009, and 2012 respectively.

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